The House On The Hill
February 2018

Dear valued guests, friends and community, who have supported Alain and me in fulfilling our dream of owning a bed and breakfast, leaving our urban Brooklyn home for the beauty of Greenfield twenty-five years ago. We did it together, working hard in growing it over time to what it is today, a dream we proudly built together, seeing many of the same faces every year joined by new ones from all of the world – some from just down the road. Many of whom became our extended family over these years. It’s been an amazing ride, thanks to you.

With time also comes change. While wonderfully fulfilling, with Alain’s passing last summer, our dream just isn’t the same without him by my side.

So, it’s with a full heart, I’ll be closing The House on the Hill at the end of this month, ready to begin a new chapter of my life, following a new dream that rests at the other end of that glorious rainbow we saw this past June 28th.

– Donna Mollard